Fahrradhauptstadt München?

Fahrradhauptstadt München?

Die Fahrradhauptstadt München ist im Ranking des Kopenhagener Fahrradportals www.copenhagenize.eu nach dem sechsten Platz im Jahr 2011 auf den 11. Platz in diesem Jahr zurückgefallen. Es hat sich aber auch die Basis der sich beteiligenden Städte von 80 auf 150 erhöht. Nichtsdestotrotz unternehmen andere Städte noch deutlich mehr um mehr Fahrräder auf die Strassen zu bringen und so die mit Autoverkehr überlasteten Strassen zu entlasten.


The Copenhagenize Report
Munich’s drive to increase cycling levels leaves other cities in the dust, what with its impressive investments in marketing urban cycling aimed to give the bicycle a higher status among the citizens. Their infrastructure and facilities are respectable and the city continues planning for more. Munich fell, however, to #11 in 2013 from #6 in 2011. Mostly because bolder cities entered the fray, absolutely, but Munich faded slightly from the radar since 2011. Their momentum continues, but these days it is in-your-face initatives that get your attention and that serve to boost a city’s profile. Not to mention cycling levels. Munich brands itself sucessfully as a cycling city and in the global perspective the city is a main player. A 20% modal share is brilliant.

Copenhagenize Fixes
We’re still waiting for the next bold move after their marketing investment in Citizen Cycling. We’re patient but the time is ripe for Munich to roll up their sleeves and aim for overtaking their rival, Berlin, as Germany’s best large city for cycling. Reclaiming space from cars and bodly redistributing it to bicycle users in the form of modern cycle tracks is the next big move for the city. The creation of a world-beating bicycle infrastructure network. Nothing less. First place on this list is well within reach for Munich if they choose to pursue it. Wait too long and other cities will get their first to reap the socio-economic benefits.

Quelle: http://copenhagenize.eu/index/13.html